This page is an internal guide for all FCWC volunteers on how to purchase on behalf of FCWC.

As a reminder, FCWC is under the financial umbrella of Flower City Outreach (FCO), and all financial instruments are in the name of FCO. Below are a list of ways to purchase for FCWC in order of preference:

What to Purchase With:
1. FCO ESL Credit Credit Card – purchasing cards have been issued to the key leader of each ministry area throughout FCWC. Contact the lead of your area to coordinate payment of an expense you are going to incur.

2. FCO ESL Debit Card – Ryan Smith (585.662.9032) can make payment on your arranged purchase with a bank issued debit card. This card cannot be lent to other purchasers, however. Once you arrange for a purchase he can call and provide payment information over the phone or go to the location to make payment for you.

3. FCO Check – either Ryan Smith or John Buss can write checks to pay retailers or vendors for large purchases. Submit invoices or expense information so that they can make proper payment.

4. Reimbursement – we are still able to reimburse volunteers for expenses they make on behalf of FCWC (receipts required), but according to the State, purchases made personally that are later reimbursed are not eligible for sales tax exemption. The individual purchaser is responsible to abide by this rule.  During camp, volunteers can place their receipts for reimbursement in the boxes at the home base desk and checks will be written nightly and left in the same box for pickup.  Receipts should have clearly marked who is to be reimbursed and what the charge was for (worksite, sidewalk club, kitchen, etc.).  In the event a check isn’t picked up it will be mailed at the conclusion of camp.

Sales Tax Exemption
FCO is federally tax exempt and all purchases are also New York State Sales Tax Exempt. In order for a retailer to honor our NYS Tax Exempt status, this form must be provided prior to your first purchase:
FCO Form ST-119.1 Exempt Purchase Cert – 3-1-16

FCO is pre-registered for sales tax exempt purchases at the following retailers:

  • The Home Depot – Reference #1603787189 or use phone number 585.662.9032
  • Sherwin-Williams – Reference #476997
  • Harbor Freight Tools – Reference #263270
  • Staples – Reference #3913574640 or use phone number 585.662.9032
  • UPS Store – Reference Flower City Outreach or look up under “Ryan Smith”
  • Hobby Lobby – Reference #HL2212850

Amazon – FCO maintains a tax exempt business account with Amazon and leaders of each ministry area have been enabled to order through our account. In order to also qualify for the charitable reward program, all purchases from Amazon on FCWC’s behalf should be made through AmazonSmile.com.