Flower City Work Camp is growing and we are looking for a handful of key volunteers to help us get to the next level.  Below are a list of open volunteer positions with job descriptions that God might call you to apply for.  Submit your interest by emailing us at awolscout@gmail.com with a cover letter and resume, or just a brief introduction of yourself and any questions you might have about the position.

All positions are volunteer.

Flower City Outreach Bookkeeper
The FCO Bookkeeper will assist the FCO President and FCO Board Treasurer in tracking financial transactions, keeping the general ledger and preparing financial statements for the Board and for tax accounting purposes.  An ideal candidate is someone who is great with the numbers, who possibly already does this professionally and who feels called to serve Flower City in this way.

FCO Bookkeeper Job Description – 8-28-17

Flower City Work Camp Social Media Coordinator
The FCWC Social Media Coordinator will develop the strategy and own the messaging for FCWC on Facebook, Instagram and other social media platforms.  An ideal candidate is someone who already lives an “online” life well, who is professional and appropriate enough to speak for FCWC and can connect well with audiences from tweens to seniors.

FCWC Social Media Coordinator Job Description – 8-28-17

Flower City Work Camp Connection Director
The FCWC Connection Director will develop the strategy, recruit and train volunteers and will lead this new ministry team in building relationships with those we serve before, during and after Camp.  An ideal candidate is someone who has a heart for those in need, who desires to build relationships and connect people to get and provide assistance.  This position will serve on the FCWC Executive Team and closely with the FCWC Ministry Director and FCO President.

FCWC Connection Director Job Description – 8-28-17

Flower City Work Camp Alumni Coordinator
The FCWC Alumni Coordinator will be the key point person in maintaining relationships with students who graduate out of FCWC for the purpose of continuing to share FCWC’s progress, to learn what those students go on to do and to assist the FCO Development and Donations Coordinator with fundraising as appropriate.  An ideal candidate is someone who has already graduated out of FCWC, who loves to network and communicate with a wide range of people and who desires to keep FCWC alums connected to the ministry.

FCWC Alumni Coordinator Job Description – 8-28-17