Student App FAQ

How do students apply to attend FCWC?
Students login or create a new account online on the Student App page.  The first few pages are for the student to complete on their own.  The form will tell you when a parent is needed to complete the rest of the form, including medical information, payment, and releases.

I had an account last year.  Do I need to create a new one?
No, if you applied in 2022 or before all of your information carries forward.  Review the information that is in the system and update as needed.

What do I do if I never receive a Registration Code email?
If you set up a new account you are then emailed a Registration Code to continue.  This is a step to try and verify the email address that you provided for accuracy.  Some people are finding emails from our system caught in their spam folders and others aren’t getting them at all.  The emails are sending from  If you have a problem, please enter code FCWC2019 and once you log back in, reconfirm that the email address you provided is correct.

How is payment made?
Payment would be preferred by check.  Just make the check out to “Flower City Work Camp” and submit it to your Youth Leader or other Church Rep once your application has been completed.  Or, you can mail it to us.  Payment may also be made by credit/debit card or electronic check online through the application system if desired.

When is payment due?
Students must be paid in full by March 1st in order to secure their place at Camp.

Why doesn’t the multi-student discount show up online for our family?
Our system doesn’t have a way of determining how many students have signed up from the same family, so it charges each student applicant the full Camp Fee of $180.  If you pay by check, you can adjust the amount according to the discount schedule when you write it to us.  If you pay by credit/debit card or electronic check we will refund you the discount portion after the March 1st payment due date closes.  Please email with the names of all the children applying from one family in order for the discount to be applied.  Refunds will be issued accordingly.

I finished the application but didn’t receive a confirmation email – how do I know the application is complete?
When you are logged in, the dashboard will show whether you are complete or not.  A green progress bar means you are complete.  If it is yellow or blue, click on the progress bar and it will show you which forms are missing information.  Note – applications that haven’t been paid for will show as incomplete.  An email confirmation will also be sent to your email address if your application was completed.  If you didn’t receive one, check your spam and junk mail folders.

Where do I find the FCWC Student Athlete Reference form? (for students applying to basketball and soccer camps only)
If you are applying for sports camp (basketball and soccer), you will need to have a coach fill out a reference form by 1/22/23. If this form is not completed by this date, sports camp will not be considered your first choice.

Who do we contact if we are stuck or need help?
You may contact our helpdesk by emailing

How awesome will Camp be this year?
Oh, it will be pretty awesome!