Volunteer Process

Adult Volunteer Applications for Flower City Work Camp will be completed online.  Each adult seeking to serve at FCWC should create their own separate account.  An email address is required to do so.  Below are instructions and a link to begin the application:

  1. Login to your account from last year.  If you are new, register an account for yourself.
  2. Choose what area you are applying to serve in to begin your application.  For definitions of the different roles, go here.
  3. Background checks are run by Flower City Work Camp directly.  Social Security Numbers and Dates of Birth are only collected for background check purposes.  Our website is secure and encrypted and your information will remain private and protected.  This information is required in order for you to complete your application.
  4. Some volunteer roles allow you to schedule your desired service time.  Please indicate all of the slots you are interested in serving in.
  5. You will be contacted by the volunteer coordinator for the area you volunteered regarding any required training for that role and for a finalization of what shifts you will be needed in.

Required volunteers (Worksite, Roving Expert, Sidewalk Club, Agency Support, Sport Camp and Gofers) all receive complimentary Camp t-shirts.  Other volunteers are given the opportunity to pre-order a t-shirt for $10.00 during the checkout process online.  Shirt designs are not shared in advance as they are one of Camp’s best-kept secrets (but they are always awesome).

Begin Adult Volunteer Application Here:  2023 Adult Volunteer Application

Required Adult Volunteer Applications are due online by February 1, 2023.
All Other Adult Volunteer Applications are due online by April 1, 2023.

There is no cost to serve as an adult during Flower City Work Camp.  However, if you would like to help offset the cost of Camp, you are welcome to donate in support of the ministry during your application process or on our Donate Page.