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When is Flower City Work Camp?
FCWC 2021 will take place from Monday, June 28th through Thursday, July 1st.  This is different from most years when Camp was traditionally held over Spring Break

Morning Arrival – Adult Leaders (Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday) is 8:30-8:45 am)

Who should volunteer to serve at Flower City Work Camp?
In 2019 over 865 adults volunteered in order to make FCWC a success, which was more than the number of students who served.  What makes for a good adult volunteer?
• If you want to serve the Lord by serving the people of the Greater Rochester Area.
• You must come through a participating church that has already completed an application to participate.
• Some of our volunteer positions require highly skilled people (especially our worksite leaders, roving experts, nurses, etc.).  Most of our opportunities to serve do not.  We’ll work with you to determine where you fit best and will train and prepare you for the area of service you are matched to.
• You will commit to fully engage for the duration of the volunteer role that you commit to.  We tell our students to think about their time at Work Camp as if they were on a mission trip to the deepest, darkest Peru.  We want you to separate yourself from “life” as well and fully immerse yourself in this service.
• Whether you have a full week to serve or just a few hours, there is an opportunity for you to serve.  Visit our Volunteer Roles page to learn about all the areas where you could serve.

How much does it cost?
There is no cost for adult volunteers to participate – the gift of your time has cost enough.  Some adult volunteers still desire to give financially in support of our ministry, and that is always welcome.  Visit our Donate Page to learn more about how to contribute.

Required Adult Volunteers and Gofers each receive a themed FCWC T-Shirt.  Other Adult Volunteers are able to purchase one for $10 at the time of their application.  Volunteers who are at a Home Base church when breakfast or dinner is served are invited to join the meal.  Lunches are provided to adults serving over lunchtime if they are volunteering on a worksite, sidewalk club, agency support team, or sports camp.

Do I just serve and leave?
No, we would love for you to participate in all the areas of Work Camp.  You are as much a part of Work Camp as the students and we hope adult volunteers take advantage of the worship and teaching provided multiple times each day.

How do I apply?
Adult Volunteer applications are submitted online.  Visit the Volunteer Process page for instructions and to get started.

What happens after I submit my application?
If you are a first-time leader, you will need to ask a pastor or member of the staff at your church to complete and submit a Leader Recommendation Form.  Then, a background check will be run by Flower City Work Camp for every applicant.  All of the Required Leader roles have mandatory training events to attend, and information for those can be found here:  Training Dates:

                                                  Date           Time                     Location       

Worksite Adult Leader Training     5/15/21     8:00-10:00 am     Browncroft

Sidewalk Club Training                5/20/21     7:00-9:00 pm       Zoom  Meeting                    (with individual team in-person meetings)

Basketball Training                      TBD           TBD                      TBD

Soccer Training                          TBD           TBD                       TBD

Agency Training                          TBD           TBD                      TBD

Medical Training                         TBD            TBD                      TBD

Other Adult Volunteers may also have training before the week of Work Camp.  If so, you will be contacted directly by the team leader for your area of service.

What do I need to do to be ready for Flower City Work Camp?
Be praying for a great week, clear your schedule for the service times you commit to and expect to see God do amazing things!

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