Agency Support Teams

If you got a letter welcoming you to Flower City Work Camp 2019 and telling you that you have been assigned to an Agency Support Team (Teams A1-A15), you are probably curious what that actually means.FCWC has opened a new area of Camp this year called Agency Support.

These teams will deploy across the city to different sites operated by Heritage Christian Services to assist them with service projects, cleaning, organizing, yard work (weather permitting) and other beneficial activities.  Heritage is incredibly excited to receive our teams and has a lot of work for them to do.Students serving on an Agency Team don’t have prior training.  They will meet their teams when the arrive at Camp on Sunday, April 14th.  They will leave their respective Home Base around 9am and in most cases will serve at a number of different sites over the three days of service at Camp.  In every other way, these teams will operate much like Worksite Teams with delivered lunch, mid-day devotions, opportunities for prayer walks and will return to Home Base between 4:30-5:00pm each day.

For more information, wait to be contact by your Adult Leader or contact the Agency Support Lead at or 585.662.9032.